How to unlock iPhone X to use it on any network

The iPhone X has finally landed in our shores and with it comes a lot of changes and improvements that may encourage you to queue up outside Apple Stores on the release day. With the iPhone X, Apple has re-adopted an all-glass back design that was used on the iPhone 4, with a curved OLED display, all made possible by a powerful chipset and iOS 11 inside.

Apple’s iPhone X is one of the most expensive flagship phones ever made, mainly due to its staggering $999 price tag. With a high price tag, the iPhone X will burn a serious hole in your wallet, so it’s definitively not targeted those customers with limited budget. However, there is always something you can do.

You can choose to sign up with a network provider to grab the phone at a subsidized price instead of paying the full price ($999). However, if you are planning to buy your new iPhone X from a local carrier’s store, it’s mostly locked. A locked phone prevents you from using your device on a different network. This means your phone only works on the network that locked it.

Fortunately, you can unlock your iPhone X so you can use it anywhere in the world without any restriction at all. However, unlocking is not always simple and cheap. Not to mention, a lot of scammers out there are willing to take your money.

If you are looking for a trusted unlock provider who claims to unlock your iPhone X, we are here to help. Before we proceed with our look at unlocking your iPhone X, let’s briefly at what a locked phone is.

What is a carrier-locked phone?

When you buy an iPhone from a carrier’s store, it’s locked to the network you choose to use it on. You carrier tends to limit what you can do with the device they offer you. This makes sure that you stick with their service until your contract ends.

Most carriers out there now offer 12-month and 24-month payment plans that involve zero money down or a small monthly payment. That’s why you now can grab an entry-level iPhone 8 at an affordable price. When it comes to travel, you will be hit with roaming agreements and non-working gear that may cost you a fortune.

So, what is an unlocked phone and why would you need to unlock your phone?

If you travel frequently, your locked phone cannot work with a local SIM card. To use your phone while abroad, you need to pay between $20 and $50 per month for a certain amount of calls, texts, and data. The price may vary depending on the country you travel to.

An unlocked phone is a phone that can be used anywhere in the world. This means that you can put in any local SIM card as you travel the world, instead of paying expensive roaming fees.

IMEI unlock

There are several ways to unlock your iPhone X, but we recommend you opt for IMEI unlock because it is safe and fast. IMEI unlocking is basically the process by which you change the status of your phone from being locked to unlocked on Apple database. This allows your phone to connect to any carrier’s frequency-compatible network.

IMEI unlock requires IMEI number of your phone to work. IMEI number is a unique 15-digit code that identifies every mobile device (production date, warranty, purchase date, activation lock and more).

Carrier unlock

You can ask your network to unlock your device, but you need to meet some conditions in order to have your phone unlocked for free. We don’t recommend this method to you because it is pretty expensive and time-consuming.

There are a lot of IMEI unlock providers out there, but not of them are trustworthy. Many of them are just scams and you will end up losing your money and time. Fortunately, some websites like are reliable and selling unlock services at very affordable prices.

iPhone Unlock service by is one of the top IMEI unlock providers out there (you can check their reviews at They have been working in the industry for years and all they do is to unlock your device using IMEI number. Your iPhone’s IMEI number will be whitelisted in Apple’s database, so there is no chance that your phone will get relocked in future.

Unlock prices vary depending on the network that your phone is locked to. But it typically starts at $28, which is much cheaper than other websites out there. iPhoneIMEI offer money-back policy, meaning that you can ask for refund if you are not satisfied with your unlock or your phone won’t get unlocked. You will refunded to your PayPal balance, which is 100% safe and reliable.

There are a lot of IMEI unlock providers out there, but we recommend you give a shot. You can head to and place your order.


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