Facebook launches a redesigned Trending results page

Normally, when Facebook users select a random topic, then all related posts or news will be appeared. Nonetheless, the firm emphasized that they designed the page again to allow users to explore other publications  more easily and conveniently. These publications can consist of relevant news or related posts from their friends or community.

Now people can click on a Trending topic and then they will see a series of the same or related publications. Thanks to that, you can save more time and you can keep track with the latest and hottest stories right on Facebook. Trending topic might not be known to many users, as it is hidden in the Facebook app. However, things will change in the coming months, as Facebook will start a test in News Feed. Specifically, it will show users the top three Trending stories. Once they can tap on Trending Stories, you will see the full list of topics and find out what others are discussing on Facebook.

In some situations, Facebook users are not interested in seeing Trending in their News Feed, they are able to easily disable the feature through a popup menu. After that, they will not have to be worried about being bothered by such stories in the future.

At the present, only people who live in the United States are able to access the new Trending results page on their iPhone. According to Facebook, the new feature will hit Android and desktops in the future.

Facebook has been busy working on improving its app recently. Facebook is adding Apple News and Google’s AMP support to its Instant Articles in an attempt to increase adoption.

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