Steps to share Kindle books with Family members

You can easily share Kindle books with family members by setting up Family Sharing with Amazon. Creating an Amazon household and setting up a family library will not only help you share Kindle books but also help you share a Prime membership as well as all the benefits that come with it.

How to Set Up Amazon Family Sharing

Step 1: First off, you need to open a Safari on your Mac and go to on your devices

Step 2: Then, near the top right corner, move  your mouse over Accounts & Lists

Step 3: It is time to select Manage Your Content & Devices

Step 4: You simply need to log in to your account

Step 5: At the top bar, you have to select the Settings tab

Step 6: Under Households and Family Library, you need to select Invite an Adult

There are two options for you:

  •  If you are now sharing an Amazon account with another user, you can connect the two separate Amazon accounts by selecting Create a New Account
  •  If the other person already has their own account, tell them to use their Amazon account to log in. This allows Amazon to create a Household . Once done, select Verify Account

Step 7: Here, you will decide just how much you want to share with your family member. You have to share all of your info with each other if you only want to share Kindle books

Step 8: It is good to note that, Amazon will ask what you want to share, if you choose to share everything.  Select  what you want to share and then, and proceed with tapping Create Your Family Library.

How to Share Kindle Books with Family Members

Step 1: You need to go to the Manage Your Content and Devices page, and select the Your Content tab near the top

Step 2: Next up, you need to find the Kindle book you wish to share and check the box next to it

Step 3: Here, you need to tap the ellipses next to the box and then select Manage Family Library.

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