Steps to access hidden 3D shortcut in the Phone app for iPhone

3D Touch is one of the highlights when it comes to Apple devices. 3D Touch helps users gain access to commonly used actions quickly. Recently, some people have mentioned about a hidden 3D Touch shortcut in Phone app on their iPhone 7.

Despite the fact that finding this shortcut is not difficult, it is not easy to discover it the right way. For instance, when you are in need of calling a person whose phone number is not saved in your contact, you probably wish to have access to the option to call that person via FaceTime Video/Audio as fast as possible. To do it, let’s follow our steps below.

How to Access Hidden 3D Touch Shortcut in Phone App on iPhone

Note that only iPhone 6s/6s Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus now support 3D Touch. Besides, you need to make sure you are using the latest iOS version.

Step 1. Initially, you have to open Phone app on your iPhone

Step 2. Next, you need to tap on the Keypad tab which is located at the bottom

Step 3. To move up, you will be required to enter the phone number

Step 4. As soon as you finish entering the phone number, you simply  need to 3D Touch the call button

Step 5. Then, a shortcut menu with three options will show up. This includes Call, FaceTime Video, and FaceTime Audio. And select your option

Apart from that, in order to access additional communication options from the phone numbers you have added to your contacts, you need to open the Contacts app, then choose the contact. Specifically, to make a video call via WhatsApp or FaceTime, you simply need to touch and hold on the video button.

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