Apple Maps transit support is now available in Singapore

Apple has been busy adding transit information into its mapping service for months. As the company prepares for its first retail store in Singapore, Apple brings transit information to Apple Maps users in Singapore. According to sources, transit data has set its first footprint to launch in the city-state. According to the new transit info, Apple Maps users  will be able to access more information related to the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system, which stretches across nearly all over Singapore. Besides, each line will be color-coded, making it much easier for users to pick their line. More surprising, “Points of Interest” is also being integrated into Apple Maps. As a result, this feature will allow  passengers to view remarkable buildings, landmarks, as well as other well-known places. Three months ago, Apple Maps launched support for transit data for other regions such as in Detroit, Michigan, and in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

During twelve months of 2016, on a semi-regular basis, transit information was added for a number of cities in the world like Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Columbus, Ohio. Apple Maps Transit also hit Atlanta, Georgia, and Miami, Florida, as well as the United Kingdom’s National Rail. Besides, a few areas including Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Washington, and Sacramento, California, Rio de Janeiro, and Montreal also saw the addition of transit directions last year.

Apple Maps is getting much better. In iOS 10, Apple’s mapping service received a vast improvement. Last month, Apple added transit support to Apple Maps users in the city of Paris. Tech analysts say that transit support will come to more cities worldwide to challenge Google Maps.

In reality, Google Maps has been supporting transit routine in a number of cities worldwide for years. However, if you now use Apple’s mapping service as default on your iPhone, the new feature is really something you don’t want to miss at all

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