Steps to delete apps on your iPad

There is no difference between deleting or uninstalling apps on iPad and iPhone. Many people usually tap and hold apps until they all start wiggling. I will show you step – by – step to delete apps on iPad. However, it is good to note that, the fast way for someone who wants to delete multiple apps is to delete apps on iPad from your settings. Now, you can remove apps more quickly since you’ll simply need to tap on an app and select Delete.

Here is how to Delete Apps on iPad

Deleting and uninstalling or removing apps from iPad can be done the same way. If you change your mind and you want to bring back apps you have removed, you can go to your Purchased list in the App Store to re-download any apps.

Steps to delete Apps on iPad

Step 1: First off, you need to tap and hold an app icon until all apps start wiggling from any Home screen on iPad

Step 2: Next, you’ll see X icon located at the top  left corner of the app icon

Step 3: If you don’t see the “X” button, it’s the app that can’t be deleted

Step 4: After that, you can delete an app by tapping  X

Step 5: Now, if a message pops up, you need to confirm Delete

Step 6: You can go back to normal app view on Home screen by hitting the home button

How to Quickly Delete Apps from iPad

Step 1: First off, you also need to open the Settings app on iPad

Step 2: Now, you now need to tap General

Step 3: Here, you have to select Storage & iCloud

Step 4: Under Storage, you simply need to tap Manage Storage

Step 5: Next, you’ll see a list of all the apps you have downloaded on your iPad

Step 6: Then, you need to tap on an app you wish to delete

Step 7: Next up, tap Delete App

Step 8: Lastly, you simply need to confirm your action.

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