iPhone 8 to come with enhanced stereo sound and waterproofing

With the aim to track Apple’s supply chain in the Asia-Pacific region, JPMorgan has a lot of analysts. And Gokul Hariharan is one of them who shared a new research note this week. Based on this note, the iPhone 8 is predicted to come outfitted with an enhanced earpiece. It will impress you by “further improvements” such as stereo sound and waterproofing.

Apart from that, JPMorgan also said that the AirPods will come alongside the iPhone 8 as a free accessory. Supposing that the information is true, Apple’s $29 wireless EarPods with Lightning connector which comes in the box with the current iPhone models, will be replaced by the company’s $159 wireless earbuds.

In addition, a plenty of mentioned features coming in iPhone 8 consist of a stainless steel and glass design, an OLED display, a larger battery, a faster A11 processor, and wireless charging. Noticeably, its cameras will make you impressed because of its new sensors for 3D mapping, 3D selfies, facial recognition and augmented reality capabilities .

According to JPMorgan’s analysts, the firm will have to spend between $75 and $80 on manufacturing an iPhone 8. Also, iPhone 7 is known as the first item coming with stereo sound.

Instead of using two separate speakers at the bottom of the device, Apple has taken another option. To be more specific, it will make a combination between a speaker unit at the bottom and the earpiece at the top, promising to offer immersive stereo sound. iPhone 8 is expected to make its debut at Apple’s annual launch event this September. Let’s wait and see

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