Steps to download macOS Server

With the support of Apple’s macOS Server, you will no longer need help from an IT employee as this server can do several tasks such as serving files, managing and organizing email, running a Virtual Private Network, etc.

Regardless of your purpose, macOS Server allows you to create services which are highly secure and convenient to control for both macOS and iOS devices.

The first thing to do is updating macOS

Please note that it is necessary to update to the newest software for your Mac so that your base macOS environment will include with the full update of security and performance

Step 1: Open the App Store application

Step 2: Download macOS Sierra — or Search macOS Sierra in the search bar in the top right if the link doesn’t work

Step 3: Select the Download button

Step 4: Wait for the download to finish

Step 5: when the macOS Sierra installer begins, Click the Continue button

Step 6: Next up, you need to click Agree to accept the User Agreement

Step 7: Click Install on the hard drive you want to use

Step 8: Wait for the update to complete.

Steps to download macOS Server

MacOS Server is now priced at $19.99 on the Mac App Store. Here is how you can download it to your Mac

Step 1: Open the App Store application

Step 2: Download macOS Server — or in case that link doesn’t work, enter “macOS Server” into the search bar at the top right

Step 3: Select Buy macOS Server

Step 4: Next, click Continue when the macOS Server automatically runs

Step 5: Click Agree to confirm the User Agreement.

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