SoundCloud announces the Upload

“Upload” is a new feature of SoundCloud. Similar to Apple Music’s My New Music Mix and Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlists, “Upload” curates a list of new songs specifically personalized to each user’s listening habits.

In detail, this service can be done through human curation or algorithms running behind-the-scenes and aims to provide new and interesting songs for people to stick to longer. Spotify has its options with Weekly Discovery playlists that is updated once a week and then, “Daily Mixes” that updates everyday. “My New Music Mix” is one of Apple Music’s recommendations.

 “The Upload” relies on the fact that new music is added to the service on a daily basis. As a result, “The Upload” will bring the user’s attention to music every day, based on the music they have listened to.

If many people use “The Upload” and like music, the service will get at promoting new music better. With the Discover tab on the web and in the Search tab on iOS , you can easily use this service and get recommending songs that have been uploaded to SoundCloud within the last few days based on what you love and listen to. If you listen to SoundCloud a lot, “The Upload” will offer more artists and music .

Discovery on SoundCloud is now much easier thanks to its  largest and most diverse music catalog. SoundCloud is utilizing machine learning to offer new ways for you to find more music. SoundCloud refreshes the Upload everyday. It’s part of the SoundCloud Go features list. You will pay $5 per month for a limited library, and $10 per month if you want to experience the full streaming.

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