Try out betterNC10 to customize Notification Center on your iPhone

Let’s check out CydiaGeek’s betterNC10, a brand new jailbreak tweak to bring a refresh to Notification Center.

This tweak allows users to change the interface of Notification Center and the way certain functions behave. Several options included in betterNC10 helps shorten the time spending on clearing notifications as well as getting rid of clutters on the screen.

After being installed, betterNC10 offers a preferences pane in the Setting apps,  giving you the ability to configure  your options.

Here is the list of changeable options:

  • Single-tap on the clear button to delete a notification sent from Notification Center
  • The number of lines of the date in the Today page
  • Hide all text displayed in Today page in Notification Center
  • Hide date and time labels from your notification’ title labels
  • Customize the Notification Center background. There are four available styles:
    • Dark
    • Clear
    • Grey
    • No blur
  • Turn off the drag-down gesture in the Status Bar for activating Notification Center
  • Keep the display off when a new notification comes in but sounds and vibrations are still turned on
  • Hide the Today view from Notification Center on the Lock screen.

In order to save your Settings, tap on a respiring button at the bottom of the preferences pane.

Please note that you can find some of these options in Springtomize 4 such as hiding the Today page or changing background.

If you are interested in trying this new tweak, you can now download it from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free. It works with iOS 8,9, and 10 devices.

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