Apple Maps now shows UK EV chargers and public bikes

It has been four months since Apple Maps allowed the US users to locate ChargePoint electric vehicle stations around them.Today, Apple is finally bringing the feature to the UK. The feature is regarded as a precious opportunity for European users to identify bike rental hubs on a map.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg revealed that German company Cirrantic’s Moovility service is now the data source of Apple. Through the service, Apple can gain a detailed list of charging stations for electric vehicles made by Tesla and Nissan.

According to Arne Meusel – CEO and co-founder of Cirrantic, consistent, live information of the growing charger infrastructure increases the confidence of EV drivers and attracts new user groups to sustainable mobility offerings like EV cars.

The UK is the only country which supports major charger operators such as Podpoint, CYC, NPower, NewMotion and Ecotricity. Hence, UK users are able to find more than 3,000 electric vehicle charging stations using this service. However, about 4,400 locations for recharging an electric vehicle are available in the UK, based on data compiled by Zap-Map. Unlike with Google Maps, Apple Maps includes easy-to-identify icons to label re-juicing points for electric cars.

In addition to providing details about EV charging stations in the UK, Apple’s mapping service also offers public bicycle rental and drop-off points in London, Paris and New York. Currently, you can freely download Apple Maps on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac and Apple Watch.

In a previous report by Bloomberg, Apply was building a team to create and update map information via drones.  Apple will soon bring additional capabilities to its Maps app such as a feature leveraging data from iPhone’s pressure sensors, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. This allows people to navigate indoor places like airports, museums as well as other high-traffic buildings. .

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