Tips to fix Touch ID not working on iPhone 7/7Plus

There could be a few reasons why Touch ID does not work on your iPhone. For example, it is due to sweat or the incorrect placement of the finger. In these cases, you can fix this issue by some following simple but effective tips below!

Before we start, make sure that you read the following requirements

  • When touching the Home button, be sure to apply less force.
  • Don’t let your finger be too cold. In case it is cold, then rub the finger on any surface or cloth to make it warmer.
  • Keep your fingers clean and dry
  • Clean your finger and Home button with a smooth cloth and try one more time.
  • When placing your finger in the first phase, move your finger properly so as to ensure the whole surface is scanned. In the second stage, ensure that all the edge is scanned.
  • Don’t let the screen protector or case cover up the Home button.
  • Your finger needs to touch the capacitive metal ring and the Home button.
  • At the time of authenticating your finger, make sure you keep it at one place for few seconds.

Method 1: Delete and Add your Fingerprints again

Step 1. Launch Settings app → Touch ID & Passcode

Step 2. Enter your passcode

Step 3. You now need to tap on the fingerprint. Next, tap on Delete Fingerprint. Please be sure to get rid of all of your registered fingerprints

Step 4. Next up, reboot your iPhone by pressing and holding the power button and volume down button at the same time

Step 5. You now need to open Settings app → Touch ID & PasscodeAdd a Fingerprint and register your fingerprint as usual.

Method 2: Use the rest fingers to open

Step 1. First off, you need to tap on Settings and then tap on General

Step 2.  Next up, tap on Accessibility

Step 3. Tap on Home Button

Step 4. You simply need to enable Rest Finger to Open

Method 3: Update your iPhone

If none of the above ways have worked for you, you need to update your iPhone. Go to Settings, choose General and finally tap on Software Update.

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