Steps to assign someone as a parent or a guardian with Family Sharing

Family Sharing allows you to give parental rights to members in your family, for example you would like to grant your wife the permission to check your child account when they want to purchase or access some kind of content. Here is all you need to know.

Previously, parents were unable to get access to the go-to playlist of their kids. However, lately, it has allowed up to 6 people to share products as well as purchases from iTunes, iBooks, App Store, etc. Additionally, it is more convenient for parents to better manage their children’s purchases as they are given the rights to take control and manage items their kids are interested in. Only by changing the settings then you can designate a person in the group that can make purchasing decisions for youngsters.

Steps to assign someone as a parent or guardian with Family Sharing

Please take notice that so as to designate someone as a parent or guardian, you need to to be the family organizer, the person that set up the Family Sharing group.

Step 1: First off, simply go to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad

Step 2: Next up, tap the Apple ID banner at the top

Step 3: Then, tap on Family Sharing

Step 4: Select the person you want to assign as a parent or guardian and tap on him/her.

Step 5:Finally, tap the switch next to Parent/Guardian to activate the feature (green is on).

That’s how to do it. From now on, that person will receive purchase requests from their children in Family Sharing group. In case one person with given parental rights is busy and unable to approve, the other guardian can do it.

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