Snapchat now allows you to search over a million Stories

Users who are in favor of Snapchat are now able to search over one million unique Stories, according to the company on Friday.

The company also announced that they have begun rolling out Stories from today in select cities worldwide and they hope that everyone will enjoy it as much as possible.

To discover a unique and exciting Story, you simply need to enter a keyword in the Snapchat’s search field. Then, relevant Stories will instantly appear on your screen.

The new feature was implemented because of an enormous number of Snaps stemming from the community. When the number of Stories added to the app’s curated Our Stories feature reached the peak, it’s time Snapchat needed to do something for users to access great content.

As the team said, their stories supply behind the scenes Snaps from amazing events worldwide ranging from the Super Bowl to the summit of Mount Everest as well. Their curation team was inspired by a large number of Snaps created by the community. This encouraged them to do something special

When you use machine learning, it means that the system can “understand” all the latest happenings in Snaps added to Our Story and users can now search over one million unique Stories on the service with the expectation of more amazing outcomes.

Rarely do I use the feature although I am on Snapchat. In addition to some causes, it is virtually impossible for a person to explore attractive content from people not on his/her list. Hence, the new feature will help fix the issues and attract more users to the app.

Snapchat is now one of the most messaging services in the world. Snapchat keeps improving itself in an attempt to attract more users and compete directly with Facebook.

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