Here is how you can stop sharing your iCloud analytics on iOS and Mac

Since the unveiling of iOS 10.3 and MacOS 10.12.4, fans of iOS devices have got a chance to help Apple improve its products and services by allowing it to analyze their iCloud data . If you rely on Apple, you may know that you can stop sharing your iCloud analytics data on iOS and Mac with a very simple way.

Analyzing your iCloud data such as text messages or snippets will help Apple improve many features and services like Siri. In reality, it is uneasy for you to share your iCloud analytics due to a number of strict standards which prevent Apple from linking a data point with you in a personal way. With the support of privacy preserving techniques such as differential privacy, you don’t have to worry about your iCloud data being associated with you. Now, Apple provides users with a switch with the hope that users can stop iCloud analytics sharing and we will instruct you how to use it.

How to stop sharing your iCloud analytics on iPhone or iPad

Steps 1: Firstly, you have to go to Settings, move to Privacy and then Analytics

Step 2: Now, you are now supposed to locate the Share iCloud Analytics button and turn it off

Note that turning off iCloud analytics sharing shouldn’t have any bad effect on the usage of your iPhone or iPad.

How to stop sharing your iCloud analytics on Mac

Step 1: Initially, you need to access System Preferences and choose Security & Privacy

Step 2: Next up , you are required to click on the Privacy tab and select Analytics in the sidebar.

Step 3: Finally , you now need to check the box next to the Share iCloud Analytics  and boom, you are done

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