Apple Pay is now available in Taiwan

Apple Pay is now one of the most popular mobile payment services in the world. Basically, Apple Pay allows you to make payments using your iPhone, iPad Apple Watch and Mac without the need for an Apple Pay-enabled contactless payment terminal. Apple has been trying to extend the availability of its mobile payment service to more markets since it made its debut back in 2014.

Apple officially launched Apple Pay support for banks in Taiwan, making it the 15th market that supports Apple’s mobile payment service. In Taiwan, customers who have registered their credit cards at CTBC Bank, E. Sun Commerical Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Taipei Fubon Commercial Bank, Taishin International Bank and Cathay United Bank now can use Apple Pay to make payments.

Today’s rollout of Apple Pay came just a few days after Apple Pay gained support from 31 new establishments across the globe. According to Apple, its mobile payment service will hit owners of Apple Watch and iPhone 6 or newer in Taiwan. Apple Pay will also be available at 46 major retailers in the country which includes Carrefour, Breeze, PXMart, Big City, A. Mart, and more. Some international big names like Starbuck are also listed.

Taiwan will join Singapore, China, Japan and Hong Kong to support Apple Pay in Asia. Apple has recently launched Apple Pay in New Zealand, Spain, Switzerland and Republic of Ireland. According to sources, Apple Pay will arrive in Italy and Germany this year, but a release date remains unknown.

There have been an intense competition among big names in the mobile payment service market. Apple Pay’s biggest rival, Android Pay is now available in 10 markets such as UK, US and China, while Samsung Pay has started to gain its popularity across the globe. Samsung’s own mobile payment service is expected to hit new banks in Spain and Singapore this year.

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