Facebook launches Reactions and Mentions for its Messenger app

Facebook has updated some new features for its Messenger app, which makes group conversation more fun than ever. This social network has just rolled out Reactions and Mentions for its Messenger app

Facebook Mentions lets you mention your friends using @ tags. This makes sure that they don’t miss your messages. People now can not only react comments but also messages which possibly make the online chats more interactive and funnier. Specifically, Messenger now enables users to reply to messages with emoji in both single or group conversations.

There are several emoji to choose from including love, smile, wow, sad, angry, yes, no and more. Besides, you can easily see who reacted to your posts and how your friends reacted in the lower corner of the message

Last year, Facebook already released an app called Reactions, however it clarifies that today’s update of Messenger is absolutely a separate product.

To use Reaction on Messenger, simply open a conversation, press and hold a message, and pick your emoji. To remove a Reaction, repeat the above steps. Basically, Facebook Reactions works similar to the way reacting to comments.

Besides, Mentions – another new feature, is thought to prove a lot more useful, but potentially more annoying too.

Mentions are designed mainly for group conversations, it allows you to directly inform any of your friends when you are in urgent situation or in need of an immediate conversation .

In case you’re mentioned by a friend, you’ll get an alert asking to reply to an incoming message. However, in order to avoid unnecessary notifications from users, Messenger also includes the option to turn off Mention notifications.

In order to mention a friend in a conversation, type “@” and the person’s name select them from the suggested list, and send your message.

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