Apple Store app now requires iOS 10 or later

Now users need to install iOS 10 or later  if they want to use the Apple Store app . This announcement came  3 days ago, but it is still worth your attention. According to Apple’s release note, the newest update on March 9 included only “various improvements and performance enhancements”. The Apple Store app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch is available for free from App Store.

The Apple store app, like Pages, Keynote, Numbers, GarageBand, Airport Utinity and other iOS apps from Apple, is not included in iOS 10’s set of preloaded apps so you must download it from Apple Store. In case you already have the app installed on your device and try to launch it, you will receive an error message saying “The Apple Store app now requires iOS 10.0 or later.”

The warning message invite users to upgrade their device to the latest version of iOS. Also, there is an Upgrade button that mentions the Software Update mechanism.

The similar message will come to your device when you attempt to download the Apple Store app from App Store via iOS devices using an earlier version. “You must update to iOS 10.0 in order to download and use this application,”, reads the App Store warning.

iOS 11 may only support 64-bit apps as the upcoming 10.3 software update include a similar prompt warning that 32-bit apps will not work with future versions of iOS.”

In February 2015, any new apps submitted to App Store were required to offer 64-bit support. Since June 2015, all updates to existing apps must have 64-bit support as well.

According to Sensor Tower, 47,300 legacy apps disappeared from App Store in October. This year, iOS could kill an additional 187,000 apps approximately, which take up  8% of all products available on the store. Users expect Apple to release iOS 11 and other major updates to macOS, watchOS and tvOS  during its Worldwide Developers Conference in June

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