Google Chrome 57 for iOS is now available with Read Later functionality

Google has officially released an update for Chrome for iOS that introduces a new functionality dubbed “Read Later”. This feature basically works similar to Reading list, an option in Safari browser. Furthermore, Read Later option has existed on the Android version of Safari for a while

To use this new feature, all you have to do is to tap on the Share button and then tap on the ‘Read Later’ option.

Specifically, this functionality enables readers to  access their saved pages without even an Internet connection since they were saved offline on the device. To view the list of saved articles, all you have to do is tap on the 3-dot overflow menu button. In addition, they are split into two categories: “Unread” and “Pages you’ve read section”, allowing users to better manage their reading list.

Note that  Chrome on desktop still does not include  the “Read Later” functionality. Consequently, users can access saved items from iOS or Android device only.

Apart from iOS and Android release of Chrome 57,  the Chrome 57 also hits desktop. The latest update of Chrome aims to reduce power consumption of tabs in the background. Specifically, the Chrome 57  will limit average CPU load to 1% if an application uses too much CPU in the background.

According to Google, background tabs use up to one-third of energy usage on computers. As a result, with the support of a new CPU throttling feature, Chrome 57 helps reduce the overall power consumption considerably. Moreover, this new feature is able to detect background tabs that are playing music or maintaining a real-time connection, and leave them running as usual.

The total impact of this throttling will mean 25% fewer busy background tabs, leading to an improvement in power efficiency, longer battery life for laptops or other mobile devices.

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