Steps to clear Twitter’s web and media storage on iPhone

Twitter is one of the most popular social networks out there with millions of active users. If you are now using Twitter for iPhone, note that all photos, videos and other media files you browse through from your timeline get cached on your iPhone for further access. This may come in handy, as it allows users to quickly access their videos or photos they encounter while browsing the timeline. However, this also may put a lot of pressure on your iPhone’s storage.

Fortunately, Twitter includes built-in features that allow you to manage your storage, check how much storage the app is using and clear the app’s web caches to save some space on your iPhone.

In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through the steps to clear Twitter’s web and media storage on your iPhone.

Steps to clear Twitter’s web and media storage on your iPhone

Step one: First off, you are supposed to launch the Twitter app from your home screen and tap on the Me tab located at the bottom of the app

Step two: Next up, tap the Settings icon next to your Profile image and choose Settings from the popup menu

Step three: Once you are in, you simply need to select Data Usage under the General section. After that, tap the Media storage or Web storage option under the Storage section at the bottom of the page

Step four: Tap Media Storage, select the Clear Media Storage option and tap Clear media storage to confirm that you want to delete Twitter’s media caches

Step five: If you want to clear web data, you simply need to tap Web Storage and select either Clear Webpage Storage or Clear All Web Storage option and confirm your choice

Step six: Once everything is done, you simply need to tap Done and exit out of the app

That’s it! If you want to make sure Twitter has deleted web caches, you simply need to check the app’s Settings and select the storage management feature.

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